With the added cost of moving home running into thousands of pounds it’s no surprise that many people are choosing to stay put and create added living space instead of selling their home not to mention all the added stress selling a home can bring.

You could convert your loft in the time it takes to sell your home and add up to 15% added to the value of the property.


IF you can stand up at the highest point in your loft and have at least 2.3m headroom then your loft can easily be converted although houses that have truss roofs (metal stapled fixings brackets 1970s onwards) can be a bit trickier.

You may not need planning permission to convert your loft as it may come under permitted development which entitles you to convert up to:

  • Terraced houses 40 m3
  • Semi detached houses50 m3
  • Detached houses50 m3

You will however need building and fire regulations and party wall consent if your property is not detached, KDKB will incorporate all the arrangements and services on your behalf.

A loft designed for any use:

There are many different functions your new loft conversion can be used for. The most popular tends to be a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom but you could also have a:

  • Home office
  • Study / games room
  • Studio flat
  • Guest bedroom

If you would like to discuss your loft requirements feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help. If you would like to proceed we can visit you at a convenient time for you to assess your loft and advise as to which conversion may best suit your needs then arrange to have precise measurements taken prior to the architectural drawings being done.

What ever needs you have for your loft conversion KDKB will be more than happy to create a beautiful and functional living space that will give you years of enjoyment and substantially increase the value of your property